Clachan - Village of the Clans

When you visit the Clachan be sure to stop at the International Association for Tartan Studies Clan Tent where you can locate your clan and view your tartan. This group represents   The Scottish Tartan Authority , dedicated to tartan research and education. President, Dr. Philip Smith is the world's leading expert on names and tartans.   Dr. Smith was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Scottish Tartans Authority at the AGM in 2005.   Find your clan name and tartan among the thousand swatches or see it on a computer dispaly. Take home a souvenir!

We invite you to reserve space in the Clans area for your organization.  
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Games Date
May 16, 2015

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2015 Schedule

Two ATM's will be onsite

· Athletics
· Dancing
· Fiddling
· Piping and Drumming




-Charlie Zahm

-Carl Peterson

Special Events
· Weaving

· Sheep & Dogs

· Clachan
(Village of the Clans)


We Need Volunteers!

About the Events
· Pipe Bands
· Athletics
· Highland Dancing
· Country Dancing

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